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People usually think of Brussels has this boring city with two and a half restaurants and one bar. But, did you know that my precious little city got a wide variety of amazing finger-licking restaurants? And when I say “finger-licking” I literally mean it for this one!

Amadeus or “The Place for Ribs” is a roomy restaurant in downtown Brussels, best known for its all-you-can-it spare ribs.

Here is the concept: You come in, preferably empty stomach, they bring you the menu but deep inside you just want to scream “ I AM ONLY HERE FOR THE RIBS AND YOU KNOW IT !” But you don’t it because you are well mannered.

For the next hour or two, a waiter will stuff you with ribs, just like a turkey and as long as you don’t say no, it will keep on coming. But how can you say no to this caramelized sticky barbecue sauce and the yummy giant potato that comes with it?

This menu costs 17,50 Euros per person which is a pretty affordable price for all the ribs you can tolerate to eat. So, if you are very hungry and you don’t feel like cooking just stop by Amadeus and feast!

Glacier Zizi
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Have you ever heard about “Glacier Zizi” ? Wait, if you understand the meaning of this word in French…please don’t run! I admit it, the name is a little awkward but bear with me until the end of this article would you?

There are several of this ice cream parlor scattered between Brussels and Waterloo. The great thing is that one of them happens to be just down the street from where I live. It is just like I’m destined to be fat

“Zizi” is actually in my top five of the best ice cream parlors of the city because they have everything, from the sorbets, to the frozen yoghourts and the smoothies...

I’ve been going there for about ten years now and they never ceased to amaze me by always adding new ice cream flavors to their menu.

It is a very warm and homelike place that closes every day after midnight which is fantastic for a city like Brussels where restaurants usually closes at 6 p.m (just joking )

So in the summertime, if you feel like eating a stracciatella ice cream late at night because it’s too hot, you know where to go! Don’t forget to brush your teeth right after!

Les Super FIlles du Tram

Hello guys! I want to take a minute to talk about something that holds a special place in my heart...and in my stomach. THE BURGER!

If you know me personally, then you must know that I am on an everlasting life quest to find the perfect burger. Well, I think I’ve found it.

In Brussels, there’s this nice burger joint called “Les Super Filles Du Tram” , and they honestly make the best burgers in town. I remember my first time going there, thinking “how the hell am I ever going to finish this huge burger”?

It was so tasty, cheesy and scrumptious that it took me about eight minutes to eat it all, French fries included.

Their menu has about a dozen burgers but the ones that I’ve tasted myself and would recommend are:
-"Big Joe"
-"New York" ( I suggest you starve for a week before this one )

The place is really cozy, the staff is friendly and mind you, they also serve brunch on Sunday!

Sucré Salé
Sucré Salé 1
Sucré Salé 2

Sucré Salé is a little pastry/sandwich bar located in the vibrant Matongé quarter. I usually go there about 2 to 3 times a week because I am a huge fan of their crepes!

During the course of my “fat life” I have tasted many crepes from Brussels and other countries as well but none of them can compare to these because what makes them so unique is their creaminess. Oh Lord!

I have tried several times to sneak into the kitchen and steal the recipe but I guess it cannot be that easy. I have also asked for the recipe but they won’t tell me a single thing!

On the menu, you can also find filled salty crepes but my favorites of all time are the plain ones that I sprinkle with brown sugar.

From now on, you can forget about you tasteless crepes from your local fair and go try out a delicious one from Sucré Salé.

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