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Hello there my little travelers!

I am back with new articles, new colorful vlogs and a collection of amazing photos.

I sincerely hope that you are not as bad as I am when it comes to identifying a flag. If not, then most of you have already shouted: SENEGAL!

Yes, I went back to Africa for the second time this year, and let me tell you that there is no better feeling than being on the "Mother Land".

My fiancé and I have realized that in some way, we didn't really think about travelling to Africa, but everything was about to change. Social media has also play a significant role in our decision because nowadays, Africa is represented from a much better angle and as this new touristic heaven.

Hundreds of Instagram accounts are encouraging us, young Africans, to revisit and rediscover our beautiful countries.

It is unfortunately true that Africa is often depicted by the media as this giant savanna with giraffes and elephants running everywhere, or as a continent surrounded by wars, misery and great hunger.

Of course, we should not overlook the fact that in Africa as anywhere else in the world, poverty and misery are indeed realities. However, Africa remains nonetheless a place brimming with small paradise waiting to be discovered.

It took us a little while to plan this trip, as we wanted it to be perfect and finally, on the 9th of November, we hoped on a plane and were off to Dakar. A ten-hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal was the right opportunity to go ahead and vlog everything to make up for the last time :)
Estimated time of arrival: 1.50am
Outside temperature: 30°C

It was amazing to see how happy the Senegalese where once they set foot on the ground and took a minute to inhale hot and humid air. Us, on the other part, couldn't wait to see what this country had in store for us.

Now that you got to know us a little bit better, needless to say, we traveled across the country to see as much as possible.

Itinerary : Five days in Dakar, two days in Gorée , on day in Lompoul and finally three days in Saly.
Hey Taxi! Let's go for an adventure!



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