Back in July, my sister, my two cousins and I decided it was the perfect time to spend a few days in London just for a little change of scenery.

They are from Paris and we live in Brussels so we thought "hey, wouldn't it be fun to casually meet up in London ?"

Before I get into the details of our mini city trip, I have to specify that we are not the best regarding timing, organization or even luck. We were all supposed to get there on the same day but just a few minutes apart.
Don't ask me how, but my sister and I got in London a day before, so we decided to make the most of it while waiting for our cousins to arrive the next day.

We were staying at St. Pancras Pullman Hotel next to the train station just to make sure that we wouldn't miss our train back home.

As our time was quite limited we didn't do much, but shopping was at the very top of our list. We didn't waste time on that and immediately after dropping our suitcases to our hotel room, we headed straight to Oxford Street.

Although we have pretty good shopping in Belgium, it is nothing compared to London because there are many more international clothing stores. We stopped by Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, Nike Town,...

If you know a little bit about English culture, then you probably heard about "casual Friday" or "dressed down Friday" . Well the thing we didn't know about DDF, was that not only you go to work wearing laid-back clothes, but you also finish the night laying on your back...Drunk ! That is the situation we got stuck in, when we accepted to have a drink at The Renaissance Hotel with our Londoner cousin and his friend.


After drinking Champagne for almost four hours you can imagine how hungry we were, so we took the train to Blackheat and went to a restaurant called Aqua Mediterranean Bar & Grill. It was honestly the coolest restaurant with the nicest staff , very tasty food and don't get me started on the music!

After that pretty wild Friday night, we had to get up bright and early to be at St. Pancras Station, pick up our French cousins and finally have our little London get-together. We had English breakfast, walk through the cute Bloomsbury neighborhood, took pictures, went back to Oxford Street for some more shopping,...

All in all this brief city trip was a breath a fresh air ! I bet you are wondering " but what about the London Eye and all the other great stuff ?" Don't worry, London part two is coming very soon :)
Don't forget to check out the mini tiny vlog !

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City trip in London

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