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  • Bom Diaaaaaa!
    From the introduction , can you guess where I was last month ?? No, I didn't go back to Portugal. Remember the golden rule : " Never go to the same place twice". Anyway, you have already seen the pictures by now and yes, your girl went to Brazil !! ♫ Sambaaaa de Janeiro!♫

    My fiancé and I usually travel for very special occasions and this time it was to celebrate his 30th birthday. The original plan was to go explore the east coast of the United States and then we thought :

    "Hell No, we need to go somewhere exotic and colorful and fun" . Don't get me wrong ,the US are fun too but you know what I mean. Once again we hopped on a plane and we were off to Brazil !

    We stayed for 8 days in Rio and then we went to Ilha Grande for 3 days. You know us, it is virtually impossible to go to a country and stay in just one place.

    During our stay in Rio, we rented a nice apartment just five minutes away from the Ipanema beach. The neighborhood had everything you could ask for : supermarkets , restaurants, clothing stores , bars,...

    We arrived on a Thursday morning and on that same afternoon , we jumped right into it by going to the Pão de Açùcar (Sugarloaf Mountain). We had an amazing view of the city and guys... the sunset up there is to die for. I promised I would never applaud a sunset anymore because it's kind of ridiculous but I had no choice...We had a standing ovation for the sunset.


    We couldn't wait to go to the famous Escadaria Selarón, so on Friday we took the subway but we didn't go straight to the stairs . We walked around the neighborhood for a while just to create a little suspense... And then, Bam ! Here there were , magnificent with so many colors . We took tons of photos but we had to fight our way through every single step, because there are people everywhere and it is very hard to have a decent picture. I remember the Bossa Nova music was playing , people were laughing and it smelled like good food. :-)

    I must admit that I am pretty jealous of Mister E because he got to see El Christo Redentor on his 30th birthday. Can I have an AMEN ?! I have no words for this experience as it was amazing and thrilling. I have seen this statue in movies , video clips and pictures, so to finally see it in real life was like a dream come true.

    You don't realize how big it is until you stand at the very bottom. It is 98 feet tall but I swear it felt like it could touch the sky. We were so high that at one point, the clouds started to surround us and the statue disappeared for a moment. All of it felt very surreal but looking back at the pictures makes me realize the we were actually there.


    The days that follow were more about chilling at the beach , discovering the local food,... Although , one day before leaving for Ilha Grande we visited the Santa Marta Favela with a tour guide. We were a small group of 4 which was easier for the guide to answer to each one of our questions. The visit lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes and we pretty much saw everything. We went from the very bottom of the favela to the top. We really enjoyed the visit mainly because most of our apprehensions about the favelas were swept away.


    The best part of the trip was definitely Ilha Grande. It is a beautiful remote island surrounded by many breathtaking beaches and forests. I have never been to a place so calm and relaxing in my life. We drank cocktails on the beach, went to cute little restaurants decorated with colorful lights and live music. We explored "dangerous" forests that lead to the most amazing hidden beaches and natural pools,...


    After that experience, we went back to Rio for two more days before finally heading back to Belgium.

    Luckily for you guys, I vlogged like never before so that you can see everything that I am talking about with your own eyes. I hope my vlogs will make you want to buy a ticket right away and leave for Brazil!

  • Rio day 1: Pão de Açúcar

    Rio day 2 & 3: Escadaria Selarón + El Cristo Redentor

    Rio day 4 & 5: Ipanema Beach + Favela Santa Marta + Boulevard Olímpico

    Ilha Grande (4 days)

    Rio (back)

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