Ciao belle! Today your little travel bird is back to talk about her last trip to Capri, Italy. Although after this particular trip, I wanted to change my name to “fat travel turkey” because Italians don’t play games when it comes to food. But I will explain that later on in the "restaurants" tab.

  • It was a very special occasion that led us to plan this little girl’s getaway trip to Italy. No it wasn’t because I was craving an authentic pizza but it was for my big sister’s birthday! For your information, my sister Claudia lives for the beautiful things in life, glamour and chic, so Capri was the obvious destination.


    On March 12, 2017 we packed our bags, gathered the five words of Italian that we knew and were off to Capri! (Imagine an Italian music playing in the background).

    For those who may not be familiar with the island of Capri, it is located in the Bay of Naples, on the opposite side of the Sorrento peninsula. Once we got in Naples we took the ferry (1h20) to Capri but it was not as simple as it sounds.


    Well, that didn’t go quite as planned because we missed the ferry due to a very poor communication with the locals. The next ferry was leaving four hours later so we decided why not take advantage of this and go visit the city of Naples while we are here?

    I have plenty other stories like this one but they most definitely made our trip amazing, filled with laughter, champagne, pizzas and pastas! But I have to say that what stroke me the most were the island’s amazing landscapes that really left us speechless…

  • Visits

    Capri boat tour is one of the main activities of the island and also the most interesting for me because we got to approach the amazing wonders of nature while having a little geology lesson at the same time.

    Boats leave from the Marina Grande and the visit lasts 1 or 2 hours depending on the weather conditions. You can decide to rent a private boat but you will have to pay the price that is why we stuck with the public boats that only coast 17 Euros per person.

    Personal experience: Our tour guide was originally from Germany and spoke English with an Italian/German accent so we didn’t quite get everything he was saying but as long as we had the view, it sounded wonderful!

    We could clearly see that he was very devoted to his job because he was doing his best to explain to us how every single rock formed , showing us details of the caves we went into, all while sliding a little joke here and there.

    Here are the sights included in the tour:

    • Marina Grande
    • The Statue of the Scugnizzo
    • The Grotta del Corallo
    • The Grotta Bianca
    • The Natural Arch
    • Villa Malaparte
    • The Faraglioni
    • The Bay of Marina Piccola
    • The Grotta Verde
    • The Lighthouse at Punta Carena
    • The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra)

    Practical information:
    People who are interested in entering the low caves must disembark from the original tour boat and get on rowboats, which are very...very...very small. You must pay an extra 14 Euros for a 5 minutes tour into the caves.

    So if you don’t suffer from seasickness, this boat tour is made for you!

  • Restaurants

    I would like to talk about this wonderful, yes wonderful restaurant that we have discovered while staying in Capri. The memory of this delicious carbonara melting in my throat still makes me hungry today .

    Located near La Piazzetta, “Ristorante Isidoro” is a small and very chic restaurant which can accommodate at least thirty people. You know what they say, the smaller the Italian restaurant, the better the food.

    There is a little story on how we found out about this restaurant: we were walking around the island and we heard someone shout “Ciaooo bella you should come eat here”. Capri being a small island, the restaurants and shops are close together and thus very hard to spot. Luckily, there is always an Italian waiter in a good mood ready to scream at the top of his lungs to attract customers.

    Unfortunately we had just stuffed ourselves with some croque-monsieur at Anacapri (see following article) but we promised him we would come back for diner later on that night. It was the best decision we made that day because I really don’t regret going back there.

    The menu is diverse and you will feel your mouth drool as soon as you start reading the first word, but truth be told, Italian is such a beautiful language that any words will make your stomach rumble.

    My sister Claudia and I went the easy way and chose the carbonara, while my cousin Sylvie decided to take some risks by ordering the cacao pastas. Our waiter was friendly and attentive and went through the entire menu with us, explaining each and every dish. Icing on the cake, he spoke impeccable French!

    We stayed there for quite a while, enjoying our food and the good company of our waiter finishing up with a delicious tiramisu.

    So if you like a good Rosé, original pasta dishes and a multilingual staff, I highly recommend you stop by Ristorante Isidoro.

    Website: http://www.isidorocapri.com
    Address : Via Roma, 19, 80076 Capri NA, Italy

    2. Verginiello

    We spent my sister’s birthday dinner at this very spacious restaurant called Verginiello. As always I have a little funny story that goes along that night.

    We had just got in Capri after many hours of unfortunate twists and turns: Keep in mind we had missed the ferry so we were all on the edge and very hungry.

    At that point we had no desire to walk around the island, late at night, looking for a fancy restaurant so we made the unanimous decision to eat at any place open. We went on Google map and found Verginiello which was supposed to be a three minutes walk from La Piazzetta.

    After 30 minutes of searching and going around in circles, we suddenly stop at the top of a stairwell in a very dark alley. A delicious smell of garlic and pizza was coming up from there so we let our nostrils lead the way and ended up right in front of the Restaurant! If it wasn’t for the amazing smell we would have never know it was there!

    The place was crowded but alive with a beautiful view overlooking the harbor. The staff was friendly and made us feel like we could never go wrong with whatever we decided to order.

    We ordered an Italian sparkling wine and three pizzas which were absolutely delicious and authentic. Somehow, they knew we were there for a birthday and our pizzas were served with a little twist! Can you spot it?

    The smell and taste got stuck on our mind for three days so we went back there on March 15, but this time I ordered pastas and I they lived up to my expectations. I you are worried about your wallet; you shouldn’t because the prices are affordable.

    Buon Appetito!

  • Must See

    1. Anacapri

    Going on a trip without visiting and exploring the surroundings is pretty much useless so the day after our arrival, we decided to go visit the small town of Anacapri located in the south part of the Island of Capri.

    Getting there is simple; all we had to do was take the bus downtown in La Piazzetta and admire the dizzying view. Warning: I hope that you have a strong stomach because bus drivers don’t skimp on speed when it comes to taking a corner.

    The bus ride from Capri to Anacapri lasted about eight minutes and once we got there we realized that being a cameo in Fast And Furious 2017 was all worth it.


    The city of Anacapri is a peaceful place with lots of colorful houses and little shops selling local specialties as well as souvenirs. I can guarantee you that you will have a hard time not stopping to take pictures of every street you will pass by.

    Most of the restaurants and museums were unfortunately closed because it was the off-season, so we felt like we were the only tourists in town. We took advantage of the situation by finding the best spots to take the best pictures without people waiting for their turn and looking at us like “ok are you done now.”


    We had a great time walking through the big city’s walls which were decorated with paintings representing the old legends of the island (mermaids…,) It is also possible to take the cable car to climb up to the very top of the island , more than 500 meters above sea level.

    However, we made the wise decision to stay on the firm ground because hanging in the void from a little chair was not...hmmm...part of the plan...

    Ok, I admit it, we were real chickens but looking at the mountains from the historical center was equally thrilling. So grab your camera, don’t look at you watch and wander peacefully through Anacapri streets.

    2. Villa Jovis

    Villa Jovis is one of the main tourist attractions of Capri, being the second highest pick of the island (334 meters). Roman Emperor Tiberius is the one behind the construction of the palace which lasted from 27 AD to 37 AD.

    We paid 4 Euros per person to enter the palace, and once we started exploring the place we were astonished by how ancient it looks. Walking through the ruins was almost like jumping back in time, and even though the ornaments and embellishments were removed we could still guess what room we were walking into (lavatories, bedrooms…)

    The walk from La Piazzetta to Villa Jovis will take you at least 45 minutes and at the very top of the villa, stands a beautiful bronze statue of The Madonna. From up there, you will catch the most peaceful and amazing view of the mainland.


    Personal experience:
    Now for the following story I will have to call you “sister girl” because it is the only way that you will really feel my pain. Men have more endurance that women so they won’t feel as concerned by what I am about to tell you.

    Okay...my muscles and my entire body have never been more physically challenged than on March 16, 2017, the day of our excursion to Villa Jovis. Sister girl, trust me when I tell you that getting at the top of that palace was the most tiring thing ever. Many times my sisters and I wanted to quit and turn back but because we are African warriors (or so we thought), we kept on climbing those never ending stairs, pushing through the sweat and pain until WE FINALLY MADE IT!!!

    I would like to personally thank all the house painters and building contractors for their words of encouragement all through our battle to the top. The “Ciaooo bella” and other long phrases that we did not understand really helped us feel confident and strong.

    My advice to you will be:

    1. Don’t eat heavy before going to Villa Jovis.
    2. Take one or two bottles of water
    3. Stretch before and after the climb.
    4. Wear comfortable shoes.
    5. Enjoy the view!
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